Department of Historiography, Source Studies and Archeology

The department of this type is the oldest in Ukraine.

The founder of the department is a famous historiographer Doctor of Letters (History), Full Professor V. Ostakhov (1922-1972). At different times such outstanding scholars as I. Sherman (Doctor of Letters (History), Full Prof); B. Shramko( Doctor of Letters (History),the Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine , Honorary Professor, Honorary Citizen of Kharkiv) ; V. Mikheyev (Doctor of Letters (History), Full Prof., Honorary Worker of Science and Technology) taught at the department.

Research activity
Research activity of the department is concentrated on the research of such problems as “History of Historical Science and Education” (Scientific adviser Full Prof. S. Posokhov) ,” Archeology of Eastern Europe in the epoch of Iron and Bronze”(Scientific adviser, Associate Professor Y. Buynov) and “Historical Studies of Region” (Scientific adviser, Full Prof. S. Kudelko).
Since the department was founded in 1064, its faculty has published more than 1500 scientific, popular- scientific and methodical projects. 30 of them are monographs and more than 15 of them are tutorials.
Scientific conference “Astakhovski chitannya” became traditional.” Kharkiv Historiography Digest”, which is published on the base of the department, is of high account among specialists.
In 1997 the staff of the department was awarded with All-Ukrainian Yavorytsky Regional Ethnographers Union Prize.
The staff of the department maintains scientific relationship with its colleagues from other scientific and educational establishments. Kyiv Shevchenko National University, Dnipropetrovsk National University, Odessa Mechnikov National University are among scientific partners; such academic institutions as Institute of History , Institute of Archeology, Institute of Oriental Studies, Grushevsky Institute of Ukrainian Studies of Early Texts and Source Studies, Ukrainian NAS Center of Monument Studies. Scientific collaboration abroad is developed by scholars from Russia, USA, Bulgaria, Germany, Latvia. The staff of the department takes active part in All- Ukrainian Regional Ethnographer Union activity (Full Professor S. Posokhov, Full Professor S. Kudelko form the government of the Union), Archivist Union activity and Kharkiv Historical and Archeological Community.
The department has such scientific students scientific coteries as the Coterie of Historiography, Source Studies and Special Historical Subjects (headed by Associate Professor V. Ivaschenko ), the Coterie of Archeology ( headed by Associate Professor U. Buynov), the Coterie of History of the University (headed by Full Professor S. Posokhov), the theoretical and practical seminar on regional day-to-day history problems (headed by Full Professor S. Kudelko).