Department of Ancient and Medieval History

The Department of Ancient History and Middle Ages has been established in the beginning of 1978 as a result of integration into one scientific and pedagogical collective of historians of the ancient world worked up to it in Department of Ancient history and archeology, and historians of the Middle Ages worked in Department of historiography, source study and Middle Ages. At this time at the Department worked: the doctor of historical sciences V. I. Kadeev – Manager of the Department. Faculty, the candidate of historical sciences Y. A. Golubkin – docent, the candidate of historical sciences. L. P. Kalutskaya -docent, the candidate of historical sciences V. A. Latysheva - docent, the candidate of historical sciences G. V. Frizman – docent, V. F. Meshcherjakov – the senior teacher, the candidate of historical sciences A. I. Mitrjaev – docent has come. First laboratory assistants of the Department were E. V. Yerokhina (Lekar) and A. P. Ganja (Yanovskaya) – graduates of historical faculty HGU.

In 80th years, instead of retired in 1980 docent G. V. Frizman and died in 1983 docent L. P. Kalutskaya, on the Department have come teachers I. P. Sergeev and S. B. Sorochan and in 1988 – S. V. D’yachkov. In 1992, after retirement on pension of docent A. I. Mitrjaev, the teacher of the Department became A. P. Martem’yanov, and in 1994 – the graduate of postgraduate study O. A. Ruchinska. As laboratorial assistants of the Department worked L. P. Saltevskaya and L. I. Kotova.

In 2000 Associate Professor S. V. Dyachkov, in connection with assignment as Director of University Liceum, has passed on the Department part time and on released part time post-graduate student K.J.Bardola has been enlisted. In 2002, after death of Professor V.F. Meshcherjakov, who had worked on the Department simultaneously with helding a post of the pro-rector of University, the teacher of faculty became the graduate and the competitor of Department S.D.Litovchenko. Since 2009 the part-time worker on the Department works A.N.Domanovsky, and since 2010 – A.N.Tokarev combining a post of the teacher of Department with a post of the senior laboratory assistant.

On the Department 19 candidate's theses were prepared and protected; the thesis for a doctor's degree on history of Byzantium (S.B.Sorochan) and the thesis for a doctor's degree on history of Ancient Rome was protected by I.P.Sergeyev.