Monnet module 2019-2022

Infrastructure that have united Europe: Insights into the History, Recent Developments and Outlook for Capacities


Infrastructure investments are the area that has to be among those that take priority over others. More attention should be drawn to the issues how to make the Ukrainian economy more efficient, less energy and resource consuming, and make the economy environmentally friendly. The infrastructure development contributes significantly to the potential reduction of ineffectiveness of economy.

Furthermore, from the national perspective, infrastructure development is the strategic avenue to peruse. Ukraine has to utilize its strengths such as favourable geographical and geopolitical position, longest transport corridors in Europe, great transit potential to develop. It is at the cross-roads of the most important ways of world trade. As a result, Ukrainian community, including business community, needs to understand the importance of infrastructure development with regard to EU experience and best practices, define major infrastructure projects that could raise the competitiveness of the country.

We suggest developing and implementing a new course “Infrastructure that have united Europe: Insights into the History, Recent Developments and Outlook for Capacities” for undergraduate students of V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University (Karazin University) that master International Economics and History (two master’s programs).

So the aim of the module is to attract the attention of Ukrainian society to the necessity of institutional reforms in infrastructure system in order to foster integration and cooperation between Ukraine and European countries implementing significant major projects. The objectives, methods of achieving, and measurable outcomes are presented in table.


Activities /methods

Measurable outcomes

Provide students with necessary skills and competences in the field of infrastructure development as a factor of European integration (stimulus, effects, state policy)

Lectures and seminars for master’s students

Preparing the course “Infrastructure that have united Europe: Insights into the History, Recent Developments and Outlook for Capacities” with free access on the University web-site

Encourage young generation of teachers and students in European Union studies subject area

Opened seminar for University community

Presentation of the best EU practices in infrastructure investment to a different target groups based on historical experience

Encourage young generation to promote and disseminate the examples of successful infrastructure projects

Writing an essay by master’s students

Presenting the ideas of investment projects on infrastructure that could be critical at the city level

Exchange of experience on the introduction of new technologies at the city level

Identification of gaps in regional infrastructure systems

Round table with representatives of city council and business

Search for optimal solutions of ecological and logistics problems in Ukraine

Justification of infrastructure projects that are significant at a national level (students’ final report)

Writing a proposal for investing in major infrastructure projects aimed at reducing the negative effects produced by Ukrainian economy, and manufacturing industry in particular, and sending it to the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine and Institute for Economics and Forecasting

Introduction of the EU issues into school environment

Lectures for school teachers enrolled at Academy for Lifelong Learning

Training qualified teachers in the history of European integration and the European Union

Round table at annual Christmas conference for pupils

Dissemination of theoretical and practical knowledge about the role of infrastructure in the development of holistic European market (in Kharkiv region and Ukraine)

Lecture backed by NGO “The 6th Angle”

(Free University “Maidan Monitoring)”

Uploaded recorded lecture on the role of infrastructure in the development of holistic European market (for Youtube)

Promotion of scientific knowledge about infrastructure major projects and their impact on European integration

Holding international scientific round table during international conference at Karazin University.

Participating in international conferences in Bulgaria and Sweden

Publishing the materials and program of the conference (e-version and print) as well as publishing the results of scientific projects in International Journal of Bulgarian Academy of Science and Karazin University “Drinovsky Sbornik ”.

Creation and strengthening cooperation under the Erasmus + programs between partner universities

Implementation of the current project

Future joint projects under the Erasmus + programs